• Master Your

    Most Important

    Relationship at Work

    Learn how to manage up like a pro to get more of what you want and secure the next step in your career.

  • How Lighthouse Lessons help even the busiest managers grow

    Join thousands of your fellow managers who have grown their leadership abilities with us

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    Best practices & expert lessons for you

    Learn from the same experts and writers that brought you the Get Lighthouse blog on management & leadership topics for over 8 years.

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    You can learn in just 15 minutes a day

    We know what it's like to be a busy manager. That's why you can read and act on each lesson in 15 minutes, at a time you choose each week.

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    Templates make it easy

    To help you make the most of each lesson + save you time, we include templates for you where applicable.

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    Make improvements every lesson

    Every week you'll become a better leader by applying our super actionable lessons at work.

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    Help your managers grow together with

    the Group Edition

    Receive a group discussion agenda each week to build bonds + discuss each lesson together when you buy everyone a Group Edition seat.

  • Managers ❤️ Lighthouse Leadership Lessons:


    "This program is more practical than my MBA classes --- it levels up your management mindset.


    The Lighthouse team curates research and best practices from the industry and distills it into snack size, actionable pieces, which I have already seen lead to positive changes in my team’s behavior.


    - Jonathan Silva, Director of Customer Success, Axosoft

    “This program is helping me get a feel for the meat and potatoes of my new responsibilities as a manager.


    It’s helping me have more engaging one on ones with an added sense of purpose.”


    - Brian Mulder, Engineering Lead, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


    “For the “golden nuggets” and amazing price of this course, I would definitely recommend this program for anyone trying to grow their leadership skills.”


    - Laura Knight, Electrical Engineering Manager, Nortek Control

    "You have to lead yourself before you can lead others. This course has helped me to continue to get better every day, so I can be a better manager for my team."


    - Kevin Fye, Production Supervisor, GLC Minerals

    "This program is full of valuable and actionable lessons on how to be a better leader and manager.



    It also offered our managers, across departments and teams, the opportunity to build camaraderie and grow together as a peer group.”


    - Nathan Broslawsky, VP Engineering, SmugMug

  • What You'll Learn in "Mastering Managing Up"

    Learn everything you need to have an amazing relationship with your manager

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    Starting Thursday, July 27th, each week you'll receive one bite-size, highly actionable lesson you can apply right away with your manager:

    • Lesson 1: The most important step to a great relationship with your manager
    • Lesson 2: How to tell your manager you want to improve your relationship no matter its current state
    • Lesson 3: How to make your 1 on 1s with your manager the best hour of their week (and yours)
    • Lesson 4: Strengthening your relationship with your manager through feedback & praise
    • Lesson 5: How to use Task Relevant Maturity to work better with your manager
    • Lesson 6: How to make your team better at managing up to you
    • Lesson 7: The keys to delivering bad news that avoids the messenger being shot
    • Lesson 8: How to get more of what YOU want
    • Lesson 9: Getting in the driver’s seat for your career with the person who decides it most
    • Lesson 10: Troubleshooting tactics for the most difficult bosses

    Plus: A special Bonus Lesson + support throughout the program; Reply to any lesson for help specific to your situation.

  • Choose the Best Course for You

    Buy your favorite course now, and take it post-holidays in 2023. Offer ends Nov 28th.

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    The Secret Habits of Senior Leaders

    Across 12 lessons, learn the skills and habits that are essential to master as you rise to a senior management role.

    Lessons include:

    • How to find diamonds in the rough and hire better
    • Handling disagreements at work
    • How to teach your team to better manage up to you
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    The Coach's Clinic

    Across 12 lessons, you will learn a variety of proven methods to give awesome praise that motivates & feedback that improves performance.

    Lessons include:

    • Using praise strategically to get more of what you want
    • The proven process to turn around underperformers
    • Knowing when to let your team learn from mistakes, and when to step in
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    Mastering Motivation

    Across 10 lessons, learn low and no cost ways to uniquely motivate each person on your team to bring out their best.

    Lessons include:

    • The fuel that keeps your team going every day
    • How to maintain morale through a crisis
    • The cure for the micro manager & the absentee landlord
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